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Datasheet LCD 4 Digits SP521PR

DATASHEET 4 DIGITS LCD SP521PR based digital thermometer, it is a “LAPTOP” possible to measure from -40
to +150 degree celsius. It uses S8100 or 1S1588 as thermal sensor.
The power consumption is very small and it is possible to operate about 3 months continuously
from a 9-V cell.

This is the TN (Twisted Nematic)-type liquid crystal display. It is possible to 4 digits
display but the display of the maximum figure is only “1”. It isn’t possible to work
continuously in the direct current. However, when applying the about 5-V DC voltage between
the backplane (common) and the terminal, the color of the segment which corresponds can be
temporarily changed to the black. With this, the correspondence of the terminal and
the display segment can be confirmed.

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