Rangkaian Amplifier Mini-Mini High Impedance Amplifier


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Rangkaian Amplifier Mini-Mini High Impedance AmplifierRangkaian Amplifier Mini-Mini High Impedance Amplifier
Mini High Impedance Amplifier is an amplifier with 1 Watt and have a very high input impedance. This amplifier circuit can have a very high input impedance due to the use of two transistors in the input that is placed Darlington. Input impedance amplifier circuit is reached 20MOhm. Rangkaian Mini amplifier High Impedance Amplifier uses four transistors and an IC 741. Gain amplifier with high input impedance, we can provide the input signal from pernagkat with weak levels though.

Mini Series High Impedance Amplifier. Mini High impedance amplifier circuit is very cheap to make and quite simple. This amplifier circuit mengguanakan 9VDC supply.

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